Goblin lord

A Lord Goblin.

Goblin base

A normal Goblin.

Goblins are green, ugly creatures that are usually found in groups or clans. Most of the times they are hostile.

Before the Sun disappeared, the Goblins had strong conflicts with all the other races and, even now, goblins will usually attack on sight any creature.

Most of the Goblins live in The Goblin Kingdom, on Level 3, ruled by King Alotar.

Stats Edit

General Stats:

Magic Resistance 10
Poison Resistance 10
Fire Resistance 1
Goblins Lord Goblins
Life 12 25
Inflicted Damage* 3 10
Armor Class 8 16
XP points 40 70
Confusability 3 4
  • *Note that this is the base damage the goblin inflicts when he isn't wielding any weapon.

Locations Edit

Goblins (both normal and lord) can be found in:

Notable Characters Edit